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This blog post provides an overview of the customer care numbers and contact information for MTR Foods. has a variety of dessert mixes, like gulab jamun mix, kheer mix, and more, which allow people to prepare traditional Indian sweets easily at home. MTR Foods has expanded its presence to various countries, making its products accessible to Indian expatriates and people interested in exploring Indian cuisine worldwide. It includes toll-free numbers for customer support, as well as contact email addresses for feedback, job applications, and cancellation and returns. Additionally, the post outlines MTR Foods’ cancellation and return policy, including information on when orders can be canceled and the company’s liability for any losses incurred.

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MTR Foods Customer Care details (numbers)

MTR Foods customer care details (Toll Free numbers)

MTR Foods Contact Email

MTR Foods Cancellation & Return Policy

  • Cancel an order of any Product, only before the Order has been shipped.
    Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy on liable for any loss that she/he
    may incur due to cancellation and or return of the order
  • For more information please read.

In conclusion, this provides various customer care numbers and contact email addresses for their customers to reach out for any queries or concerns. They have a toll-free number for general inquiries and an all India number for customers across the country. Additionally, they have provided specific email addresses for feedback/suggestions, sending resumes, and cancellation and returns. MTR Foods also has a cancellation and return policy in place, allowing customers to cancel an order before it has been shipped. It is important for customers to familiarize themselves with this policy to understand the process and any potential liabilities. Overall, It aims to provide excellent customer service and support to ensure customer satisfaction.

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