Mochi Shoes Customer Care Details

This article provides the customer care numbers, contact email, cancellation and return policy, office address, and social links for Mochi Shoes. Whether you need support for in-store purchases or online orders, Mochi Shoes has dedicated customer care numbers and email addresses to assist you. Additionally, the article outlines the company’s cancellation and return policy, providing information on order dispatch, product returns, and refunds. Furthermore, the office address and social links are provided for customers who may need to visit or connect with Mochi Shoes through various social media platforms.

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Mochi Shoes Customer Care details (numbers)

Mochi Shoes customer care details (Contact Email)

Mochi Shoes Cancellation & Return Policy

  • For all confirmed orders received, the order will be dispatched in 2 to 3 business days.
  • Customer can return their product within 15 days of receipt.
  • In case, you have cancelled an order within two hours of placing it or before it has been moved to procurement – you will be issued a full refund within 3-5 business days of cancellation of order.
  • For more information please read.

Mochi Shoes Address & Office Locations

Metro Brands Ltd.
Office Address: 401,
Kanakia Zillion,4th Floor,
LBS Marg & CST Road
Junction Kurla(West),

Mochi Shoes Social Links

In conclusion, Mochi Shoes provides various customer care options for their customers to reach out for support. They have dedicated phone numbers for store support and online support, as well as a WhatsApp support number. Additionally, they have provided contact email addresses for online support and store support. Mochi Shoes also has a clear cancellation and return policy, allowing customers to return their products within 15 days of receipt. They also offer a full refund for cancelled orders within two hours of placing the order. Furthermore, Mochi Shoes has provided their office address and office locations for customers who may need to visit in person. Lastly, they have social media links for customers to connect with them on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Overall, Mochi Shoes prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides multiple channels for customers to seek assistance and stay connected with the brand.

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